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  Vallourec Tubos do Brasil S.A.

Vallourec Tubos do Brasil S.A. - Usina Barreiro
Av. Olinto Meireles, 65, Barreiro
30640-010 - Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil.
Phone: +55 31 3328 2121
Fax: +55 31 3333 4471

Mail: contato.vallourectubos-bra@vallourec.com


Supplying the domestic market demand for seamless steel tubes, Vallourec Tubos do Brasil S.A. and its subsidiaries V & M FLORESTAL and V & M MINERAÇÃO are the Brazilian  units of the Vallourec Group. With dozens of industrial plants and business in four continents, Vallourec is a  holding company 100% controlled by the Vallourec Group through French capital.


One of the world’s most modern integrated steel plants, Vallourec produces seamless steel tubes from raw materials and energy supplied by its subsidiaries V & M FLORESTAL and V & M MINERAÇÃO. This constitutes a self-sustainable production process that accredits its products as Green Tubes.


Its Integrated Barreiro Plant located in Belo Horizonte – the capital city of southeastern Brazilian State of Minas Gerais – occupies an area of nearly three million square meters. With capacity to produce some 600 thousand tons of tubes annually, it is one of the world’s most modern and best equipped steelmaking complexes, comprising 2 blast furnaces, 1 steel plant, 2 rolling mills, 2 quenching and tempering units, 1 cold drawing shop, 1 OCTG finishing plant and 1 forge.


Brazilian leader in the production of seamless steel tubes, Vallourec is driven towards the sustainability of economic development, environmental conservation and social responsibility, which includes support to projects of incentive to citizenship, culture and human development.


Our Products and Services


Supplying both national and international markets, Vallourec seamless steel tubes undergo the most stringent evaluation systems designed to ensure high degrees of product quality and uniformity.


For the petroleum industry, Vallourec produces seamless steel pipes and casings conforming to API 5CT specifications, special pipes with proprietary grades offering greater resistance to high temperatures and pressures for oil extraction in critical environments: High Collapse, Sour Service, 13Cr and Super 13Cr with VAM Premium connections – of which it is a leading manufacturer. It further produces line pipes as per API 5L, in grades of up to X80, with anticorrosion coating and thermal insulation.

Moreover, the Company has a service base in Rio de Janeiro’s coastal town of Rio das Ostras, for closer proximity with the client and offering an integrated solution in the supply of pipes and VAM Premium threads.


Industrial Tubes


The industrial tubes are manufactured to meet both market and production process requirements. They are thus suited for a wide variety of applications, always with the Vallourec quality assurance and standards.


Mechanical Tubes – offering excellent machinability conditions, they are applied in the manufacture of equipment and machine parts.


Tubes for Fluid Conveyance and Storage – used in refineries, petrochemical plants, mining operations and many other industrial processes.


Tubes for Thermogeneration – highly reliable for heat exchange equipment, they ensure top performance under extreme conditions of use, such as wide temperature variations, high working pressures, corrosive and abrasive environments. Broadly applied in Sugar & Alcohol Plants, Thermoelectrical Generators, Paper & Pulp and other industries.


Semi-Finished Tubes – employed in the manufacture of fittings as well as of high pressure cylinders for applications in CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), Air Gases and CO.


Tubes for Construction of Gas Pipelines – applied in the transport and distribution of natural gas through pipelines.


Automotive Tubes


Seamless automotive tubes ensure higher safety, greater resistance and longer durability to light and heavy vehicles, agricultural andindustrial machines, motorcycles and railway wagons. They are used in the production of bearings, suspensions, transmissions, steering bars and columns, gear boxes, hydraulic steering and injection systems, in addition to stabilizers and impact bars. They are also used in axles for light and heavy vehicles, semi-axles and 3rd axles for trucks and trailers.

The high quality of automotive parts produced with the Vallourec seamless steel tubes contributes to the manufacture of ever safer vehicles.


Structural Tubes


Square-, round- and rectangular-section tubular shapes enable daringly innovative architectural solutions.

Vallourec relies on its highly qualified professional team to conduct research and develop standardized solutions that can be used in designs for footbridges, industrial sheds, large-span roofs, railway cars, among other applications. The adoption of hollow steel sections in such designs enable reductions in cost – as frameworks are thus made stiffer – while extending the durability and adding great aesthetic value to built structures. The Company also offers technical support to architects, engineers and designers interested in making use of the tubular structure technology in their projects.




The Vallourec Group holds the most prestigious certificates, such as API, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, ISO/ TS 16949, ISO 14001 and the  Cerflor forestry management certification, all of which attest to its management excellence in areas such as corporate administration, product quality, environmental protection, and occupational health & safety.


Environmental and Social Responsibility


Vallourec believes that its initiatives, programs and investments in the environmental and social areas, by bringing benefits to employees, members of their families and of their communities, make a substantial contribution for the construction of a socially fairer, more balanced future.

Through direct annual investments as well as resources allocated under Brazil’s tax-incentive laws, the Company supports a number of projects in areas such as education, culture, sports and environmental conservation. With main focus on social inclusion and income generation, actions implemented include professional capacity-building and qualified workforce formation. These projects bring both direct and indirect benefits to thousands of people living in the State of Minas Gerais.

In addition to exercising its social responsibilities, Vallourec company is also committed to environmental conservation as a mainstay of its business. Its very production process is a major example of that commitment to sustainability. CO2 emissions occurring during steel production are offset by the photosynthesis process and growth of its planted eucalyptus forests, which also release large volumes of oxygen into the atmosphere. This is what has earned V & M do BRASIL’s tubes the well-deserved title of “Green Tubes”.


Carbon Credits


The environmental protection solutions devised by the company and its subsidiaries make a significant contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect and global warming, as our seamless steel tube production process utilizes renewable energy.


Vallourec was the world’s first steel plant to have a project for reduction in greenhouse emissions registered at the United Nations. Based on criteria set under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the Company implemented a project for generation of carbon credits which comprises its own Thermoelectric Plant. About one third of the electric energy consumed by the Company is produced from fuels generated during its own production process, which ensures a net reduction in total greenhouse emissions.

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